The IBA International Entrepreneurship Summer School (IESS)is a 19-day program designed to impart the taste of entrepreneurship from a South Asian perspective, while immersing in the cultural richness of Pakistan through workshops, lectures, cultural events, recreational activities, and countrywide travelling to the beautiful landscapes of the country.  IESS offers a unique opportunity to acquaint international students with experiential learning and enabling them to familiarize with the natural northern beauty of Pakistan through a Pakistan Tour.




  • International faculty , Experiential learning
  • 6ECTS (3 credit hours)
  • National and International guest speakers
  • Field Visits – exposure towards how Pakistan’s economy operates
  • Meeting successful entrepreneurs of Pakistan
  • Learning entrepreneurship from South Asian perspective



Besides gaining hands-on information through our academic sessions involved in the program, students will be able to uncover a lot through non-academic (field) activities such as: visits, tours, using various modes of transportation, from bus over plane to auto rickshaw, long-tail and speed boats.



The origins of the current Pakistani culture can be traced back to the Indus Valley civilization, which was contemporaneous with the ancient Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations, around 5500 years ago. This summer school is an excellent opportunity to gain first hand experience of this rich culture.



IESS is an event that will attract business and academic icons from different parts of the world. This is therefore a golden opportunity to utilize the presence of International faculty and Students to build your networks for future business and investment ..

IESS 2017 Faculty

  • Dr Shahid Qureshi
    Dr Shahid Qureshi
  • Shoaib ul Haq
    Shoaib ul Haq
  • Dr. Imran Khan
    Dr. Imran Khan
  • Sarfraz Mian
    Sarfraz Mian
  • Michelle E. Messina
    Michelle E. Messina
  • Dr. Najam Akbar Anjum
    Dr. Najam Akbar Anjum
  • Ali Aslan Gümüsay
    Ali Aslan Gümüsay
  • Dr Ashar Saleem
    Dr Ashar Saleem
  • Dr. Muhammad Kamran Mumtaz
    Dr. Muhammad Kamran Mumtaz
  • Kubra Gumusay
    Kubra Gumusay

IESS 2016 Faculty

  • Dr Shahid Qureshi
    Dr Shahid Qureshi
  • Dr.Manfred Akstinat
    Dr.Manfred Akstinat
  • Prof Dr. Josette Dijkhuizen
    Prof Dr. Josette Dijkhuizen
  • Mr. Sanjeev Gathani
    Mr. Sanjeev Gathani
  • Peter Scott
    Peter Scott

Event schedule

Khewra Salt Mines
Naran Kaghan

Fee Structure

EXPERIENCE KARACHI (7th-16th August, 2017)

  • 6 ECT/3 credit hours entrepreneurship course.
  • Field trips for practical and hands-on experiences.
  • Guest speaker seminars of national and international faculty and entrepreneurs.
  • Visits to social entrepreneurship centers.
  • Visits to cultural heritages and museleums.
  • Visits to old and traditional markets and modern-day malls of Karachi.
  • Independence Day celebration (14h August)
    All lunches.
  • Formal Dinners at famous restaurants (upto 4).
  • BBQ night.
  • Sightseeing/tour of city Karachi.

PKR 45,000/-

Euro 410

DISCOVER PAKISTAN (7th-25th August, 2017)

*Experience Karachi Program offerings included

  • Pakistan Tour (Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Naran, Kaghan, Abbotabad)
  • Accomodation throughout tour (except Karachi)
  • All domestic travelling (including airfare)
  • Visits to cultural places and traditional markets throughout Pakistan.
  • All breakfasts and lunches
  • Formal dinners at famous restaurants (upto 4), outside Karachi
  • Sightseeing/tour of the cities, Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Abbotabad, Naran and Kagan

PKR 95,000/-

Euro 865

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